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As promised, I have opened up a post for you guys to talk about the season finale.  Spoilers are allowed. Please keep in mind that I only allow Episode discussions. Try to be civilized. Rude comments or spamming will NOT be allowed. I will delete them permantly!

You are very welcome to give me your thoughts on  “possible”  future episodes!

Also, a season 2 has not been anounnced yet, but I will keep you posted!


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This Friday,  Starz! will air  the epic conclusion of the first season of  “Camelot”! Every lie, every secret and every betrayal will be revealed in this episode! Be sure to tune in this Friday @10 p.m!

Regarding a possible season 2, no official anounncement has been made by the network yet but I´m fairly certain that we´ll  hear about it in the next few weeks! Fingers crossed:-)

Soon after the finale has aired,  I will open up a post for you guys, to discuss the finale and  your thoughts on the entire season!

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