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Attention, if you grew fond of the series musical score composed by   Mychael and Jeff Danna you   can now purchase a copy of the CD at Amazon.com and/or download it from iTunes!   The album contains all musical scores which can be heard on the series, including the beautiful wedding song of Guinevere and Leontes which played at the end of episode 3!

Here is the full track list:

1. Camelot Main Titles (1:35)

2. Kay’s Vision Of His Father (2:59)

3. Gawain And Arthur Duel (0:56)

4. Justice Compared (2:55)

5. Coronation Of King Arthur (1:43)

6. Drowning Of Excalibur (3:52)

7. Lady Ector’s Funeral (1:48)            

8. Riding To Camelot (1:27)

9. Sword Of Destiny (0:39)

10. Be My Light (3:19)

11. Morgan And The Nun (0:41)

12. Arwen’s Tale Of The Fire (2:02)

13. The Great Hall At Camelot (1:46)

14. View From The Battlements (1:14)

15. The Beach (2:56)

16. The Nun Arrives (0:58)

17. Did They Spare Her? (3:13)

18. Death Of Guinivere’s Father (2:27)

19. Morgan’s Council (2:24)

20. A Village Protected (1:58)

21. Court At Pendragon (2:30)

22. Souls Of The Departed (1:45)

23. Merlin’s Story Of The Sword (1:55)

24. Kay Arrives At His Father’s House (1:44)

Also, here is the full Camelot Theme Song!  Go ahead and have a listen!


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Again, I am very sorry for the lack of updates! A lot has happened with my life and of course with the show! Only three episodes left until the exciting season finale of “Camelot”! Here is the trailer for the upcoming episode entitled “Igraine”! Be sure to check out the Episodes section for the official synopsis!

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