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Starz! has released a new season promo of  “Camelot”.  Also,  the pilot aired yesterday and will rerun today at 11 p.m. This will be the last opportunity to watch this very exclusive preview of the show! “Camelot” will officially launch on April 1st at 10 p.m. I will have a review of the pilot up in a few days!  Anyone who has seen the pilot and would like to share their thoughts on it,  is welcome to post them here.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here is another promo!


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Starz! seems to be quite busy in promoting their upcoming original series “Camelot”! This is the latest teaser. It is very short but I think that it is nicely done! What do you guys think? You are very welcome to comment about it!

NOTE:  The video presented in this blog entry is property of Starz Entertainment.

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