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Finally,  here is the very first teaser trailer!  The teaser is only about 43 seconds long but hopefully we will get a full length trailer soon.  This teaser  seems to only be a rough cut since it has not been officially anounnced to be released yet.  The audio sounds a bit awkward  but I guess that it will be improved once the finalized version of the teaser will be officially released.   What do you guys think? Will the series live up to your expectations? I surely hope so! Feel free to post your comments below!

Here is the youtube video:

In other news,  The Future Critic has revealed that Starz! will preview the pilot episode of  “Camelot” on Feb. 25 at 11 p.m after the “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” finale!


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Deadline.com is reporting that Starz! will air  “Camelot” on April 1st every Friday at 10 p.m, as previously “The Pillars of the Earth” and “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”  did.

UPDATE:  The series plot has been revealed also:

In the wake of the sudden death of ‘King Uther’, chaos threatens to engulf Britain. When the sorcerer ‘Merlin’ has visions of a dark future, he installs the young and impetuous ‘Arthur’, Uther’s unknown son and heir, who has been raised from birth as a commoner. But Arthur’s cold and ambitious half sister ‘Morgan’ will fight him to the bitter end, summoning unnatural forces to claim the crown in this epic battle for control. These are dark times indeed for the new King, with Guinevere being the only shining light in Arthur’s harsh world. Faced with profound moral decisions, and the challenge of uniting a kingdom broken by war and steeped in deception, Arthur will be tested beyond imagination. Forget everything you think you know … this is the story of Camelot that has never been told before.

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As Starz! will be airing its six-part prequal of “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” starting on January 21st, with “Camelot” to fallow soon after that, it seems that a possible air date for the arthurian legend fantasy-series is set for early or mid March. Keep in mind,  that nothing has been officially confirmed yet at this point! I will keep you updated.


In other news, the photos that I have posted in November had to be taken down, due to copyright reasons! I am very disappointed with this but I am sure that once the show will air,  that there will be a lot more images released! I would be happy for you to come by and look out for the newest buzz on the show!

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