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As Tamson Egerton and Jamie Campbell Bower, two of the show´s leads, have tweeted a few hours back, filming is slowly coming to an end at the Admore Studios in Wicklow, Ireland. Tamsin Egerton has completed filming yesterday and so has Jamie Campbell Bower today. After filming has completly wrapped, the crew will move to Canada to begin post-production work on the series.

Here is what Jamie Campbell Bower has tweeted:

Hadn’t dawned on me that i wont be seeing my boys (knights) for at least 3 months. I now cry in Dublin airport. Never said i was cool. x

Packing up dublin house. Bad times. Camelot finished for me! Breaking dawn begins soon for me. X

Tamsin Egertion has tweeted the fallowing yesterday:

I’ve been told it’s my last day on Camelot. I’m show wrapped. Don’t want to leave, they might have to drag me away kicking & screaming!

Also, I have included the Official Twitter Pages of  Camelot,  Tamsin Egerton, and  Jamie Campbell Bower in the blogroll section on the site. If you wish to look at them for news,  you are welcome to do so! I will post anything new on the site, as soon as more news become available!


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In an earlier article posted by The Hollywood Reporter from September 28 regarding MIPCOM which features new and upcoming epic series “Camelot”,  it was suggested that King Uther (played by Sebastian Koch) has a very short lived appearance and that his own daughter Morgan le Fay is the cause of it. Furthermore,  imdb.com has listed Sebastian Koch to appear in only two episodes.

From  The Hollywood Reporter:


Currently shooting at Ireland’s Ardmore Studios, this romantic adventure presents a historically authentic retelling of the classic King Arthur legend. When King Uther is poisoned by his own daughter, his legitimate but publicly unknown son, Arthur, must succeed the king and return greatness to the Castle Camelot. Led by “New Moon’s” Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur, this Irish-Canadian co-production also stars Joseph Fiennes (“Shakespeare in Love”) as Merlin, Eva Green (“Casino Royale”) as Morgan, Claire Forlani (“Meet Joe Black”) as Arthur’s mother Queen Igraine and newcomer Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere.

Sounds like a dramatic and exciting starting point for the series. What do you guys think?  Feel free to comment about it!

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